Tastebrandy.de is an online shop that sells Slivovitz (natural fruit brandy from ripe plums, which is produced in a traditional way). In addition to Slivovitz, we also sell other types of natural fruit brandies (grapes, apricots, quinces, apples, pears, etc.).   Eastern Europe. We specialize in spirits and wines from Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Ex-Yugoslavia and Eastern Europe.   Tastebrandy.de is owned by Nova logistika d.o.o. Vukovar, Croatia, Reg. No. 030197658, registered with the Croatian Commercial Court Osijek, tax number 07361108914. We are active in Germany. We ship from our warehouse in Germany. Name: Nova logistika d.o.o.   Address: Nova logistika d.o.o, Duga ulica 55, 32000 Vukovar, Croatia   Viber / Whatsapp: +385 95 507 05 15   Reg.No. 030197658 Commercial Court Osijek, Croatia   VAT ID: 07361108914   German VAT ID: DE02621958507   Why Sliwowitz? Because he’s a high quality brandy. Many experts compare it with French cognac. In the western Balkans, especially on the slopes and hills of central Serbia, you can find the aromatic plum. The plum gives the brandy its wonderful taste, so it has to be good! Why we? Because we import our products to Germany, comply with German regulations and deliver our products to German customers from our German warehouse. Since VAT and consumer tax are paid before import, there are no additional costs for customers.