3 x Supreme Byzantine Blue Plum Brandy Slivovitz 12 Years Old

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Natural plum brandy Slivovitz distilled in traditional way and aged in oak for 12 years, very deep and complex, having several aromas and fragrances.

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about brandy

Wow! You can’t just have a sip and over. You must feel it sliding down your throat, evoking a lot of sensations till it reaches your stomach. Then you must wait for a while and... another wave approaches: a heat is overwhelming your body. You must have a pause between sips, then you enjoy it fully.


Three varietes of prunes are used for making The Byzantine Blue rakija, one of them is the old local sort Crvena ranka (The Red Early variety). Only 4.000 l of the Slivovitz is produced every year by the members of the Skerlic family and aged in family cellar. Byzantine Blue is a sort of colour used by ancient Byzanitne painters when expressing the divine, magic and unreal: this is the symbol, message and name of this Slivovitz.

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40% alc










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Über den Hersteller:

A small family distillery of supreme brandy, this is the shortest definition of the Skerlic Cellar. Situated in Toplica, central part of central Serbian region of Sumadija, known for its mild hills and favourable climate, Sumadija is also known for its famous brandy Slivovitz. The climate choses