Plum brandy Slivovitz White Wasp

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Pure fruit plum brandy of specific aroma and taste.

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about brandy

I like its sister, Yellow Wasp because of her tawny yellow color, a matter of personal taste. White Wasp leaves the impression of fresh, chilly brandy that will make your body shake when you have it. But it’s not, rather mild and pleasant for the palate.


Distilled from ripe organic unpolluted plums, picked in their highest maturity containing the best proportion of sugar, acids and sourness. The plums are smashed and left to ferment. Crafted in traditional way, double – distilled in order to gain the optimal alcoholic content.

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40% alc


Farbe weniger








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Über den Hersteller:

Flores is a private company founded in 1985 on the tradition of a family enterprise founded in 1803, which used to process fruit and produce liquor; wine, as well as other products. The brandy “Zuta Osa” – “Yellow Wasp” the most famous product of the private firm 

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