Apple brandy Kopaonik

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Apple Brandy Kopaonik is produceded according to traditional recipes in terms of modern standards. No artificial flavors, 100% natural and traditional brandy.

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about brandy

Apple brandy is usualy not appreciated amongst other fruit brandies, due to the fact that it is "tasteless". But this apple brandy, aged for couple of years, has a very emphasized body, finished .


Ripe apple are smashed and fermented for a couple of weeks. It has to preserve nice fruity fragrance and aroma during distilling. The brandy is aged in oak wood in order to calm down its fruity ingredients and to become enriched with a nice color.

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40% alc






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Über den Hersteller:

Vocar Kopaonik is a family run business located on the eastern slopes of Kopaonik. Activities of the organization is cultivation of orchards and fruit processing in the fruit brandies. Tradition and experience of generations in distilling, over a century old, applied in production, thus ensuring

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