Apricot Brandy Crown

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Apricot fruits are of exceptional quality and have specific aroma. Fermentation of these fruits is between 20-25 days, while after double distillation on traditional way apricot brandy is placed in barrels on optimal temperature to calm down the vivid fruity ingredients.

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Brandy with sweet lightness from the apricot juice and a smidgen of almond on the nose.


Apricot Brandy Crown is a crystal clear fruit brandy with dominant ripe apricots aroma. This brandy is distilled from best quality apricot fruits raised in Cacak area (Central Serbia). This area is considered to be geographically the most suitable region in Serbia for production of apricots. High quality and intense aroma of sun-ripened apricot is obvious reason for this original apricot brandy to be labeled as “Krunska” (i.e. Crown).

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40% alc


Farbe weniger








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The small family distillery “Kosjerka” is located in the village Gajevi, near Kosjeric in the western part of Serbia. In this region, at 1,000 meters above sea level, plum is one of the most common fruit trees. At “Kosjerka” distillery all production is made by an old recipe, but they als

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