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Basket 2 x Vignac Paun from Primag 0,7 L

  • 40% alc

  • Grape

  • Barrel

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Vignac Paun 5 handcrafted from high quality wine selection in Serbia is a dark, amber yellow brandy with rich, fine and pretty flavour, full and pure fragrance.

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From the cellar of the famous professor Radoslav Paunovic in Serbia comes this also the famous Brandy Paun (Vinjak Paun), the product that is in full the result of the handicraft way of production. The attentively selection of high quality wines, their distillation of long standing aging in oak casks (for 5 years) has for result a brandy with rich, fine and pretty flavor, full and pure fragrance which is remembered

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Everyone has to believe in something. I believe I'll have another drink.

About the brand - Primag

Thirty years ago Professor Radoslav Paunovic, well-known professor from the Agriculture Faculty at the University of Belgrade founded the “Primag”, the family household of frait brandy in Belgrade, Serbia. He was the first who initiated and who taught about the technologies of the tightly alcohol drinks on the Agriculture Faculty and he was one of the biggest authority of that branch in this part of Europe. Nowadays PRIMAG produces high quality, tightly alcohol drinks of the range of fruit brandy and wine distillates, using sophisticated technology created by Professor Paunovic. Also, Primag in its family stocks keeps ardent drinks of superior quality because the production uses only raw materials in oak casks long last aging. Therefore Primag is proud with its collection with over 20 national and international achievements for quality of products.
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