Plum Brandy Gentian Lincura Ognjena

Original name: "Rakija lincura Ognjena"

  • 40% alc

  • Gold color

  • Barrel

  • Herbs

  • 2 years old

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GTIN: 8606106643183

Gentian Herbal Brandy. Natural plum brandy crafted of ripe fruit and medical herbs aged in oak barrel. Twice distilled.

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Ripe plums are carefully selected, compressed and fermented for 3 weeks. Natural processes happen during fermentation. Crafted in traditional way, the distilled brandy of high alcoholic volume is distilled again.

Luka quote
Highly recommended

Lincura has unusual taste because of medicinal herbs. Tawny colour, optimal density, but strong and bitter, bitter, bitter...

Famous quote
Everyone has to believe in something. I believe I'll have another drink.

About the brand - Distillery Tomasevic Brothers

The Tomasevic Brothers continue the family tradition of hand-crafting fruit brandies of the supreme quality. The distillery is situated in Prijepolje, western Serbia and the area is abundant with the most aromatic fruit of the highest quality. The distillation is done in old, traditional way. Natural brandy made in the traditional way according to the recipe of our ancestors. From the highest quality fruits, controlled fermentation and double distillation in copper kettles, the best gift and the most original taste of the country of Serbia was obtained.
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