Masterpiece Calvados Pruna Single Barrel

Original name: "Rakija od jabuke Pruna Single Barrel"

  • 42% alc

  • Gold color

  • Barrel

  • Apple

  • 5 years old

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Absolute champion of supreme calvados distilled of several types of ripe apple juice, rich and harmonious taste.

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Idared, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious and Granny Smith are four types of apples that are combined in order to produce the calvados of supreme quality. When in full ripeness, their juice is squeezed and left to ferment. The Pruna calvados is aged in barrels made of Portugese oak, granting it deep and complex body. When poured into the glass the calvados evolves from fresh green apples taste into fruity notes of dried apricot, fig and vanilla. It has long and pleasant fruity-floral ending.

Luka quote
Strongly recommended

Wow! Very complex beverage with a lot of aromas. Requires you to be very concentrated when you drink it, not to miss any of its tones. As if continues to live in a glass, being dynamic and vivid even long after it slipps down your throat.

Famous quote
Everyone has to believe in something. I believe I'll have another drink.

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