Grape Brandy Black Tamjanika

Original name: "Lozovača Crna tamjanika"

  • 40% alc

  • Color less

  • Barrel

  • Grape

  • 2 years old

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GTIN: 0653020546418

Grape Brandy Black Tamjanika is produced from very rare Muscat grape. In Serbia, it still exists thanks to the Bukovo Monastery and the diligent hands of the monks.

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Black Tamjanika is an ancient and very rare Muscat grape in the world, which is very difficult to grow. It is very pleasant and drinkable.

Famous quote
A meal without a good glass of plum brandy is like a day without sun.

About the brand - Bukovo Monastery

Bukovo Monastery (Буково) is a late 13th- or early 14th century Serbian Orthodox monastery founded by Serbian king Stefan Milutin (1282–1321) of the House of Nemanjić. Bukovo Monastery is dedicated to Father Nikolai the Miracle-Worker. Monastery has a large brotherhood, school of iconography and produces wine and brandy. The crna tamjanika – black tamyanika is specific ancient muscat wine sort, very rare in the world, found and grown in this region. Therefore, Monastery is well-known for producing wine of this rare variety.
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