Grape Brandy Zolta

Original name: "Lozova rakija Žolta"

  • 40% alc

  • Gold color

  • Barrel

  • Grape

  • 1 year old

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The grapes are separated carefully and create a perfect basis for obtaining the famous grape brandy. This grapa brandy has a complex bouquet with intense oak, honey and cinnamon aromas and refreshing notes of vanilla.

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The most popular Macedonian rakija by far, aged in oak barrels under special conditons in order to develop a smooth mellow character.

Luka quote
Highly recommended

I recommend it as Macedonia’s most famous aperitif. Serve chilled.

Famous quote
The only way to preserve a healthy life is to eat what you want, to drink what you like, and to do things you would not dare to do

About the brand - Tikves

"The Tikves winery has been producing first-class Macedonian wines since 1885. The Tikves winery produces 24 types of wine, the most attractive of which are: Tuga za jug, Traminac, Kratoshija, Chardonay, Alexandria - Cabernet Sauvignon and Alexandria - Riesling. And the famous Tikveš brandy - Lozova rakija - Zolta. At the Wine Innovation Forum 2008 in Paris, the Tikves winery is one of the 30 most innovative wine brands in the world. "  
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