Plum brandy Pruna Single Barrel 0,7L

Original name: "Single barrel rakija šljiva Pruna 0,7L"

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GTIN: 8606108458839

Masterpiece of golden plum brandy of mild and balanced aroma aged in American Oak barrels for 6 years. Limited series.

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Each bottle is registered and marked separately. The distillery bottles some 400 bottles each year. The brandy is aged in Mendosino Amercian oak barrels for 6 years in dark cellar under the constant temperature. Floral notes, ripe yellow fruits, vanilla, honey, cocnut are some of the sensations on the palate. It is complex and deep brandy, best as digestive in the afternoon or evening hours, with long ending.

Luka quote
Strongly recommended

A bit sweet Slivovitz, unusual for its kind, but no tartness at all, which is also unusual. Not mild at all, but it strikes as plum brandy should strike. Excellent and potable Slivovitz. It seems it was mor elike crafted for the palates of Western customers. No feeling of heaviness after having few glasses more than I should have had. That's why I love it.

Famous quote
A meal without a good glass of plum brandy is like a day without sun.


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