Slivovitz Orden 0.7 L

  • 40% alc

  • Plum

  • 10 years old

  • Gold color

  • Barrel

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Excellent Slivovitz of dark amber colour aged for 10 years crafted of 10 different plum species.

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10 + 10: it was crafted of 10 different plum species, preserving the autochtonous and old local species of Serbia. And it was aged for 10 years in Serbian oak barrels. By bledning different plum species, they gain stable qualitiy each year. Different plum species bring different organoleptic characteristics. It was double distilled and yet its aroma is accustomed to the Western consumer’s taste.

Famous quote
A meal without a good glass of plum brandy is like a day without sun.

About the brand - Vinarija Winery Vino Kalem

Vino Kalem from Velika Drenova village from Central Serbia is by far the largest producer of vine and rose seedlings and vine grafts in Serbia. Their winery produces over 10 millions of litres of wine annualy and over 4 millions kilos of fruit is distilled into fruit brandies every year. They are one of the largest producers of fruit distillates. Most of the distillates were exported to Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, France and Slovenia, imroving the taste of the fruit brandies of these countries. The Medal brandies are their first attempt to show how good they are in fruit brandy production and to reveal their art to the end consumer.
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