Cedevita Blood Multivitamin Effervescent Mix 2 x 455 g, makes 12 L

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Cedevita – refreshing vitamin drink.

Enriched with 9 vitamins.

Each pack is for 13 liters of juice.

A glass corresponds to 50% of your daily vitamin requirement.

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CEDEVITA Instant Fruit Flavored Drinks – Rejuvenate Your Body & Mind The vitamin drink Cedevita was created back in 1969, and production began a year later. Initially, it was intended primarily for home use, but today it is found everywhere. At home, in a bar or on the go, in 5 different flavors .

✅ INSTANT REFRESHMENT: – Cedevita is prepared right by dissolving multivitamin granules in a glass of water, so it always provides, in a quick and simple way, a tasty source of vitamins.

✅ VITAMINS – BENEFICIAL AND AVAILABLE: Unlike with other groceries, vitamins in Cedevita granules retain their useful properties, and thanks to the method of preparation, a freshly prepared drink is always within reach.

✅ DOESN’T LEAVE YOU WITH A SWEET TASTE: Due to a moderate sugar content, Cedevita drinks are excellent for quenching thirst, and due to the careful selection of sweeteners for sugar-free Cedevita light, you won’t have that unpleasant sweet taste in your mouth after drinking it.

✅ NATURAL AROMAS: Cedevita does not contain preservatives and contains natural fruit flavors, that give it its special, recognizable taste.

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