Quince Brandy Gala

Original name: "Rakija od dunje Gala"

  • 40% alc

  • Color less

  • Edelstahl-Fass

  • Quince

  • 2 years old

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GTIN: 8607000152214

Quince is a fruit with a small percentage of sugar, so it is important not to pick up the fruits too early. At this small family owned company brandy production is made on traditional way with the application of modern technology and production knowledge. In addition, distilled brandy is kept in domestic oak barrels that provide an impressive golden colour and light fruit aroma.

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Quince Brandy Gala is distilled from famous types of golden yellow quince raised at family orchard on south of Serbia. Proper fertility of quince and its careful selection give a nice fruit aroma and make this brandy so potable, while traditional aging in oak barrels provides an impressive yellow color.

Luka quote

Fruit quince brandy Gala is a nice memory on yellow autumn from Serbian south.

Famous quote
A meal without a good glass of plum brandy is like a day without sun.

About the brand - Agro Obst

Agro OBST from small municipality Blace (on Serbian south) is a family business involved in fruit production and processing of fruit for generations. However, the main activity of this company is production of high quality fruit brandies: plum brandy, quince brandy and bitters. The raw materials for fruit brandy are provided from a family farm with about 10 hectares of land, most of which are under plums. Continuously, the family is increasing the surface area of ​its ​orchards and investing on modernization of its work, both on orchards and in the distillery.
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