The customer may return the unopened and undamaged goods within 7 days from acceptance.


When inspects the returned goods and finds out it is in satisfactory condition, the sum debited from customer’s credit card/ account for the ordered goods, will be re-credited to the Customer’s credit card/ account. The sum that has been debited from Customer’s credit card/ account for the shipment/ delivery, will not be re-credited. The cost of returning goods to will not be re-credited as well, but extracted from the amount that is returned to the Customer’s credit card/ account. We will refund the remaining amount to Customer’s account within a week starting from the day we receive back the goods.

If cancels the contract, it will re-credit Customer’s credit card/ account any sum deducted from Customer’s credit card/ account if the ordered shipment was not sent to the Customer. If the shipment has been sent to the Customer and returned to, only the sum that refers to the ordered goods, not to delivery costs, will be returned to Customer’s credit card/account.


Who pays for the return shipping?

  1. if we delivered the goods other than the ordered goods. We replace it at our own expense,
  2., if the goods is deficient for any reason
  3. buyer, if the goods is no longer wanted by the buyer and fulfilled the order correctly.The customer is solely responsible if the shipment is brought back to the sender. All additional costs regarding sending the package back will be charged from a customer and his account will be less credited. This means we will pay your money back if you don’t receive the ordered goods.

    Remedy for damaged goods

    If the goods delivered to the Customer are not what the Customer ordered or are damaged or defective or the delivery is of an incorrect quantity, the Customer must notify by e-mail of the problem within 5 working days of the delivery of the goods in question. Otherwise the Customer will have no right to any of the remedies set out below.

    If finds out it is Seller’s mistake, we will, according to our policy, protecting the Customer’s rights: (A) make good any shortage or non-delivery or (B) refund to the Customer the whole or part of the amount paid by the Customer for the goods in question in whatever way chooses.

    Cancelation – Written customer complaint

    In case of dissatisfaction of the Buyer with the services of the Seller, a written complaint can be sent by registered mail to the address Nova logistika d.o.o., Duga 55, 32000 Vukovar or by e-mail If the Buyer wishes to file a complaint in the field of personal data protection, he can do the same via the same e-mail address.