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The monks who produced Slivovitz Rakija were considered very honest and fair to produce the rakija slivovitz. Monastery Slivovitz was not intended for a quick and easy gain, this implied a long and sustained production process. For this reason, the Monastery Slivovitz Rakija became synonymous with excellent quality brand.

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Plum Brandy Slivovitz Rakija Monastery Kovilj: Dark amber plum brandy slivovitz aged for 3 years in oak in 13- century Orthodox Monastery of Kovilj.

Plum Brandy Bukovo Monastery: This plum brandy slivovitz was produced in process of double distillation. It ages in oak for couple of years. Natural product free of any sugar, caramel or artificial colors, flavors.

Plum Brandy from the Patriarchal basement: Very potable and balanced with mildly developed plum aroma. It is really domestic and natural raw materials from Serbia.


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Bukovo Monastery (Буково) is a late 13th- or early 14th century Serbian Orthodox monastery founded by Serbian king Stefan Milutin (1282–1321) of the House of Nemanjić. Bukovo Monastery is dedicated to Father Nikolai the Miracle-Worker. Monastery has a large brotherhood, school of iconogr

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