Plum Brandy Slivovitz Memory

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Plum is one of recognizable Serbian trademarks, while plum brandy could be considered as Serbian national drink. Brandy production at “Agro – Obst”, small family business on south of Serbia, is recognizable by its traditional way of production with usage of modern technologies and modern accessories that have been made brandy with a perfect harmony of taste and fragrance. Fruit brandy “Uspomena” is distilled from carefully selected and best quality plums (cacanska rana, pozegaca and stanley) that have been grown at 10 ha of best quality orchards owned by this small family company. This is a landscape where grows the best plum in this area. Climatic conditions, altitude of around 400 meters, as well as soil type are the ideal conditions required by this fruit. In addition, domestic oak provides this brandy with unique yellow colour, specific spectrum of fruit aroma and nice aftersmell.

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Plum brandy Uspomena (i.e. “Memory”) provides specific spectrum of aroma and nice aftersmell and revoke nice and pleasant memories on good and old times.


Plum Brandy Slivovitz Memory is a light yellow brandy, very potable and balanced with mildly developed plum aroma. Carefully selected and distilled from famous Serbian plums (cacanska rana, pozegaca and stanley), grown naturally at family owned land at some 400 meter high on south of Serbia (near small town Blace, 260 km south from Belgrade).

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Über den Hersteller:

Agro OBST from small municipality Blace (on Serbian south) is a family business involved in fruit production and processing of fruit for generations. However, the main activity of this company is production of high quality fruit brandies: plum brandy, quince brandy and bitters. The raw materials

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