Plum Brandy Slivovitz Vojvoda with a Cross

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Milder slivovitz of nice tawny yellow colour. The bottle contains a cross made of oak from Western Serbia, which was used to age the brandy.This particular brandy constantly ages in the bottle as long as the cross enriches it with its aroma and colour. Therefore, the brandy has different taste than any other slivovitz.

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about brandy

The fragrance is sweet, and taste pretty mild, with respect to the percentage of alcohol. These kinds of fruit brandies are highly evaluated all around. It has not lost any of its sharpness in a barrel, on the contrary, the barrel has enriched it.


Ripe fruit is used, carefully selected, compressed and fermented. Distilling process is traditional. No artificial aroma or colour, completely natural.

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Über den Hersteller:

Produced and aged by a small family-owned distillery from Western Serbia. Many years of experience and tradition prove that good brandy is distilled only from good fruit. ,,There is no good brandy without good fruit“is their moto. Altitude of over 200 meters and the position of orchards in S

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