Bitter Liqueur Gorki list

Original name: "Liker Gorki list"

  • dunkel-farbe

  • Edelstahl-Fass

  • 1 year old

  • 28% alc

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Bitters made of 27 medicinal herbs, absinth dominating. Receipt dates back in 1953.

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Bitter Liqueur Gorki list is produced according to a traditional maceration method where selected curative herbs, with the dominant herb lat. Artemisia Absinthium. The herbs release their most valuable characteristics by aging for several weeks. A part of the produced macerate is distilled in coppers and finally the distillate and the macerate are blended into Bitter Gorki list.

Luka quote
Highly recommended

Very popular drink in Serbia. Not quite bitter, not quite sweet. When you don-t want to drink anything else, you take this.

Famous quote
Everyone has to believe in something. I believe I'll have another drink.

About the brand

Elegant and well balanced bitter liqueur, made as a combination of natural plant extracts.


 The most important thing about herbal liqueur is the fact that it can be used both for cocktail-making and standalone enjoyment. Seeing as how it has a strong, unique, bitter taste, this is one of those drinks that you either love or hate. Nonetheless, it is impossible not to appreciate a well-made herbal liqueur, the same as it is impossible to confuse it for any other drink on the planet.  The biggest pitfall of this incredible bitter is just how drinkable and smooth it is, which means that there’s always a risk of wrapping up an entire bottle without even being aware of it. This is particularly likely on a quiet evening and in a good company. The drink itself is quite potent and can easily help you turn a great night into a night to remember.  This is just one of the reasons why taking a look at our herbal liqueur offer is such a great idea.


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