Herbal Brandy Simex

  • 40% alc

  • hellgelb

  • Fass

  • Kräuter

  • 1 year old

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Quality plum brandy blended with the selection of herbs. It goes best as a chilled aperitif or as a stomach medicine.

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Mixtures of brandy and herbs are one of a unique spirits typical for Balkan region. Only a few distilleries managed to produce a great product with a well-balanced taste, aroma and alcohol strength. Simex, as a leader on the market, took this job very seriously and made a perfect herb brandy. Besides the highest quality plum brandy, this spirit contains Sage leaf, mint, wormwood, hyssop, lemon balm, St. John’s wort, and the fruit klek.

Luka quote

Even though I’m not the biggest fan of herbal liquors I must admit Simex did a great job with this one. The smell is charming, taste mellow and the color just perfect. I highly recommend it to people who like a hard sip, but have trouble with the digestive system. Also, ones who can appreciate chilled delight before lunch, don’t hesitate.

Famous quote
Everyone has to believe in something. I believe I'll have another drink.

About the brand

Simex Subotica, Northern Serbia is one of the leading Serbian alcoholic beverage producers. It has wide assortment of over 40 types of fruit brandies, liqueurs and other spirits of medium quality, massively produced.


 The most important thing about herbal liqueur is the fact that it can be used both for cocktail-making and standalone enjoyment. Seeing as how it has a strong, unique, bitter taste, this is one of those drinks that you either love or hate. Nonetheless, it is impossible not to appreciate a well-made herbal liqueur, the same as it is impossible to confuse it for any other drink on the planet.  The biggest pitfall of this incredible bitter is just how drinkable and smooth it is, which means that there’s always a risk of wrapping up an entire bottle without even being aware of it. This is particularly likely on a quiet evening and in a good company. The drink itself is quite potent and can easily help you turn a great night into a night to remember.  This is just one of the reasons why taking a look at our herbal liqueur offer is such a great idea.


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