Williams Pear brandy Wolf

Original name: "Viljamovka Vučija rakija Simex 0,7L"

  • 43% alc

  • Farbe weniger

  • Fass

  • Birne

  • 2 years old

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Williams Pear brandy Wolf is crystal clear brandy of specific fruity scent and aroma.

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Williams pear brandy is produced in the traditional way with the use of modern technology. A two-year aging of this brandy harmonizes the varietal taste.

Luka quote

Very pronounced alcohol content, but ignored the smell of the fruit.

Famous quote
Everyone has to believe in something. I believe I'll have another drink.

About the brand

Simex Subotica, Northern Serbia is one of the leading Serbian alcoholic beverage producers. It has wide assortment of over 40 types of fruit brandies, liqueurs and other spirits of medium quality, massively produced.

Pear brandy

Pear brandy is one of the most recognizable and iconic of all fruit brandies out there. Perhaps the thing that pear brandy is best known for is its amazing scent, quite unique even amongst fruit brandies. As for the cocktail-making, there’s an abundance of popular recipes like Fistful of Pears, Pear and Tonic or the Queen’s Cooler to try out.  For those looking for a thing to show, not just taste, a pear brandy with pear (actual, whole pear) in the bottle, is really a sight to behold. This is actually a perfect example of how even the visuals of the brandy can enhance the unique taste of the product.  The process of getting the pear into the bottle itself takes a lot of time, patience and precision, which is why it attracts the attention of those who strive towards perfection.
Pear brandy


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