Quince Brandy Pruna Reserve

Original name: "Dunjevača Pruna"

  • 42% alc

  • Farbe weniger

  • Edelstahl-Fass

  • Quitte

  • 6

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Colourless quince brandy distilled of ripe fruit and aged for 6 years in stainless steel coppers, pleasant natural fruity aroma and elegant fragrance.

44,24  MwSt. inkl.

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Ripe fruit is fermented and distilled in strictly controlled process. Afterwards the brandy is aged for several years in stainless steel, so the brandy remains colourless and with rather unsoftened and sharp taste. It has pleasant and refreshing aroma with long fruity ending.

Luka quote
Highly recommended

The fragrance is announcing the pleasure to your palate even while it is in a glass on the table in front of you. Then comes the fruit in a glass. The first sip discovers it’s fruity character. My recommendation.

Famous quote
Everyone has to believe in something. I believe I'll have another drink.

Quince brandy

Quince brandy is a liqueur ideal for those who want to taste something unique, something different. The brandy itself is made from only the finest quince fruit (without the peel and the seedbeds). The process of manufacturing this brandy itself is quite labour-intensive, which makes the idea of getting a bottle of nice quince fire even more exclusive and appealing.  Moreover, due to the rarity of this liqueur in a lot of regions, sharing a bottle with your closest circle of friends will be a true display of hospitality. For those who decide this one step further, you can always spend the evening by making a fancy brandy champagne cocktail and causing a proper sensation at the party that you’re hosting.  This is why a lot of people decide to buy quince brandy and keep it in stock for special occasions only.
Quince brandy


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