Raspberry brandy Kopaonik

  • 40% alc

  • Farbe weniger

  • Edelstahl-Fass

  • Himbeere

  • 3

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Clear and colourless brandy distilled of raspberry with strong fruity odor.

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Twenty kilograms of carefully selected raspberry fruits is needed for the production of one litre of this exclusive brandy. A sensitive fruit, resistant to classical distilling process, does not lose its characteristic flavour due to our special technology which carefully emphasizes it.

Luka quote
Highly recommended

This brandy is very intensive, sweet fragrance with very emphasized taste of ripe fruit. Excellent!

Famous quote
Everyone has to believe in something. I believe I'll have another drink.

About the brand

Vocar Kopaonik is a family run business located on the eastern slopes of Kopaonik. Activities of the organization is cultivation of orchards and fruit processing in the fruit brandies. Tradition and experience of generations in distilling, over a century old, applied in production, thus ensuring a special quality. Fruit brandies are natural, without artificial flavors. Fruit, mostly from this region are harvested by hand, carefully selected, from fruit are separated seeds and processed in the fruit pulp that, after completion of the fermentation, is distilled in copper pot stills. Such technological process achieves a high quality fruit brandy with a very pleasant taste of fruit.

Fruit brandy

It is widely believed that a fruit brandy is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages known to mankind and there are records of it as far as ancient Mesopotamia. The brandy itself is made from mash, juice, wine, or, in some cases, even residue of various edible fruits. In the aftermath, the brandy itself retains the distinctive features of the fruit that it was distilled from, including its peculiar taste and scent.  This enhances the drinking experience and allows the person in question to virtually taste the original fruit while sharing a drink with their friends or family. Fruit brandies are also popular appetizers, which allows it to enhance any meal that you are currently enjoying. It also makes it an ideal gift for dinner parties.  Deciding to buy nice fruit brandy is never a bad idea for either your household or that of your friends and acquaintances.
Fruit brandy


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