Golden Plum Brandy

  • 40% alc

  • Farbe weniger

  • Fass

  • Pflaume

  • 2 years old

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Crystal clear plum brandy slivovitz.

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From selected ripe plums the pits are separated away. The mash compressed and fermented and double distilled. The slivovitz is then stored in stainless steel tanks for further ageing until bottling.

Luka quote
Well balanced, but I prefer the tawny colour which this one doesn't have. The tawny colour brings a charm to the slivovitz.
Famous quote
Everyone has to believe in something. I believe I'll have another drink.

About the brand


Plum brandy, also known as slivovitz or šljivovica is a fruit brandy made out of plums. This liqueur is primarily produced in the Balkans area and neighbouring regions, enjoying its popularity across all the Slavic world. Nonetheless, while most popular in these regions, the popularity of the beverage is today widespread across the globe.  For instance, French plum brandy enjoys the worldwide renown as one of the greatest appetizers ever distilled. The old plum brandy, aged in the charred oak barrels, gain unique smoky flavour, colour and further enhance their distinctive scent. One of the hidden charms of this liquor is the fact that it can be served in a warm cocktail.  This helps it enhance the aromatic properties of the beverage and help you get the most out of the original fruit flavour.


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