Sour Cherry Brandy Pruna Single Barrel

Original name: "Višnja Pruna"

  • 42% alc

  • goldfarbe

  • Fass

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Premium single barrel brandy of pale yellow colour distilled of ripe sour cherry and aged in barrels for 7 years, rich natural fruity fragrance and sweetish aroma.

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Sour cherry Oblacinska type is fermented and carefully distilled, when in the stadium of full ripeness. It ages for 7 years in barrels that were used for tequilla aging previously. Therefore the brandy has slight agave-like taste. Carefully hand crafted in limited quantity of several hundreds bottles a year, each bottle carries its own number. The impression is slightly sweet, floral with emphasized sour cherry fragrance, honey and floral aromas at the end. It is deep and complex, layered and intrguing brandy that needs attention when consumed.

Luka quote
Highly recommended

TWell, you can’t just drink it. You have to stop and prepare yourself for it. Don’t expect it will be gentle, it’s not a liqueur, but brandy. But this brandy carries its fruit straight onto your palate. Not easy at all, I admit, to stop at the first glass...

Famous quote
Everyone has to believe in something. I believe I'll have another drink.




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